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Eisenhowerlaan 172, 3527HJ Utrecht

De Taalschool’s summer school gives you the opportunity to follow an intensive Dutch course in Utrecht. You will have 20 – 25 hours of lessons per week in a class room. Next to it we offer cultural activities in the city of Utrecht, so you can practice what you learn in real life.

When? 29 July t/m 12 August

For who? For anyone wanting to learn Dutch. We offer courses for every level. With the course you can prepare for the inburgeringsexamen or Staatsexamen I or II. You can also follow a course because you live and / or work in The Netherlands.

How many hours? The course will consist of 20 – 25 hours per week in a classroom. Next to it we offer cultural activities in Utrecht, so you can practice in real life what you learn in the class.

Where? All courses will be in Utrecht.

How much will it cost? It will cost 275 euro per week, inclusive of tax. It is also possible to take part for one week.


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